Clean COLORBOND® with EON Paint System Launch

BlueScope is Ready to Support Indonesian Architects in Developing Futuristic Design with its EON Technology Paint System Pre-painted Steel Innovation

Clean COLORBOND® with EON paint system – a new generation of pre-painted steel for aesthetic appearance, excellent color performance, gloss retention and cleanliness

Jakarta, 29 March 2016 -PT NS BlueScope Indonesia (BlueScope), a leading coated-steel company is well-positioned to answer today’s demands of Indonesian architects and developers with its pre-painted steel innovation of Clean COLORBOND® using EON paint system technology which is superior for its functional, durability and aesthetic benefits.

Simon Linge, President Director PT NS BlueScope Indonesia in a press conference mentioned, “Today we would like to share the good news by launching CleanCOLORBOND®, an innovation of pre-painted steel with EON paint system. This innovation is our commitment as the pioneer of pre-painted steel since 1995 in Indonesia. Supported by our worldwide experience in 100 years as the leading coated-steel company that commits to develop pre-painted technology innovation. We respond to the challenges and demands of the Indonesian architects and developers of premium quality pre-painted steel which is not only prioritizing functionality but also durability and aesthetic for a beneficial investment to its users. Clean COLORBOND® innovation with EON paint system technology is pre-painted steel that focuses on aesthetic and durability. This is a proof of our readiness to meet the construction market demands in Indonesia which currently is growing very fast,” Simon continued.

Asep Rohaendy (Hendy), Technical Marketing Manager PT NS BlueScope Indonesia explained“Clean COLORBOND® is an innovation of pre-painted steel with EON paint system which has been continuously improved since its first launch in 1995 and has the high corrosion resistance up until 25 years with AZ 150 coating, with up to 10 year excellent color performance. It uses Clean Technology with dirt-proof that allows minimum maintenance; using Thermatech – a solar-reflective technology which reduces temperature by 6 degree Celsius on average.”

“In year 2016 we continue to innovate by presenting EON Technology – the next generation of highly durable Super Polyester paint system to provide supreme color performance. EON paint system technology innovation includes gloss retention, improved chalking resistance and lesser color fading which resulting in long lasting aesthetic appearance, bright color, gloss and cleanliness,“ explained Asep.

As the commitment to share and update knowledge of the architect and developer communities, today BlueScope also presents a reputable global architect, Philip Graus, Director of Cox Architecture – Sydney Australia in Bondclub Inspirational Seminarforum which highlights a theme on the application of pre-painted steel as the important element in developing futuristic design that prioritizes function, durability and aesthetical values.

This seminar is initiated by BlueScope as the special forum for architects, engineers, developers, project ownersand roll formers as well as retailers to share information on the latest innovation from global architect expert and BlueScope.

“We believe that the presence of pre-painted innovation of Clean COLORBOND® with EON Paint System will become an important element in futuristic architect creation with function, durability, aesthetic and investment benefits for its users,” Simon added

Since its first introduction in 1995 COLORBOND® has been extensively used for infrastructure commercial development projects such as ICESerpong, SoekarnoHatta Terminal 3 Ultima Project, Supadio Airport – Pontianak, PLTU Indramayu – West Java and PLTU KebanAgung – Lahat, South Sumatera.

“The growth of pre-painted coated steel market make us optimistic to be able to fulfill coated steel construction demands in Indonesia and participate in infrastructure development in Indonesia,” Simon concluded.